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Superstition Springs Golf Club Review – A Fun Course in Mesa

Is Superstition Springs Golf Club worth the money? Is it a top-rated golf course in Mesa, Arizona?

Today I’ll help you answer those questions as I’ve played the course since the early 2000s and have family that lives on the course. Sadly, this course fell off the best golf courses in Mesa, AZ due to recent conditions, but hopefully it’ll get back to its glory. 

Keep reading to learn about course conditions, best holes/strategies, and answers to your top questions. 

Superstition Springs Golf Club Review 

  • Opened in 1986 
  • Par 72, 7005 yards
  • Owned by Arcis Golf 
  • Designed by Greg Nash 

Here’s how Superstition Springs described themselves on their website. “Superstition Springs Golf Club’s superb championship golf course, array of upscale amenities and impeccable guest service have it earned it recognition among the best daily fee golf course properties in Arizona. 

Whether you are seeking a picturesque venue for a relaxing round of golf with family and friends or a memorable backdrop for golf tournaments, weddings or corporate meetings, Superstition Springs will exceed your expectations at every turn.”

I wanted to include this snippet because in previous years I would agree. As I mentioned, I’ve played this course for nearly two decades and seen the course through a lot of ups and downs. In recent years it became part of Arcis Golf and sadly, have to say it’s went downhill. The course also has water issues, which has led to its demise in terms of playing conditions.

There are a few months per year that it’s in good shape (I’d never say great) which is a bummer because the layout is awesome. They recently switched the nines – I have no idea why, as the first hole is now extremely far from the clubhouse. 

Practice Facility

Superstition Springs Golf Club has the potential for a great practice facility, but can say it’s only good (at best). The range is huge and you won’t have to worry about ever not hitting driver, but it’s 99% mats only. The mats are okay – better than some Arcis courses like Continental – but the hitting area is pretty small. It might force you to wait on busy days.

They used to have a chipping green that was near the driving range with a bunker, but it’s pretty much non-existent these days. They do have a big putting green which you can chip at right behind the driving range.

If you live in Mesa it’s okay but not the best, especially compared to courses nearby like Dobson Ranch. You can practice at the course whether you’re playing a round or just want to work on your game. Rates are $7 for 35 balls, $12 for 70 balls, or $15 for 105 balls or included with Arcis  Prime (they are not included with your tee time unless you’re an Arcis member).

Course Overview + Conditions 

Superstition Springs Golf Club is a par 72 that stretches just past 7,000 yards from the tips. It has a great layout where 11 holes have water that comes into play… if there is water in the ponds. Sadly, they’ve had a lot of issues with water, which had led to dry course conditions and dried out ponds. 

My family has a condo with “lakefront views” that now is simply a dried creek bed. This is a big letdown, as the water is/was perfectly positioned to impact a lot of tee shots. Now, the course isn’t nearly as difficult.

The fairways and greens are okay during prime season but nearly unplayable in the summer months. Like a lot of golf courses in Arizona, the bunkers are rock hard and some are unplayable. 

Overall, the course conditions are okay at best. One perk they do have is back nine and breakfast. 

Noteworthy Holes on Superstition Springs Golf Club 

Superstitions Springs has some good holes that are sure to test your game and challenging green complexes. Here are some of the best holes and how to play them. 

Hole 2: Par 5 – 489 yards 

The first par five is one of the easiest holes on the golf course and should help you gain some confidence early in the round. It doglegs hard left, but the house can come into play if you hit a big hook. Aim for the middle and even from the right side you can get there in two shots.

The green is smaller than most, but if you can avoid the dried out bunkers, it should leave an easy chip. 

Hole 3: Par 3 – 161 yards 

The 3rd hole plays significantly longer than the scorecard, as it’s straight uphill. You’ll need to add at least one (maybe two clubs with wind) to account for the elevation change. 

The green slopes hard from back to front and anything short will leave a very hard bunker shot. 

Hole 8: Par 5 – 537 yards 

The 8th hole is a challenging par 5 with water coming into play off the tee and your approach shot. Favor the left side of the hole to give yourself a chance of going for the green if you’re a long hitter.

The second shot is very tough if you try to attack the green, as there is water on both sides of the hole. Anything short leaves a tricky chip with the mounds as well. Most golfers will benefit from playing this as a three shot hole. 

Hole 9: Par 4 – 455 yards 

The final hole on the front nine used to be 18 before they switched nines and it was one of the best finishing holes in the valley. You’ll need to hit a good drive to avoid OB left, water right, and water that runs through the middle of the hole. 

If you can navigate the tee shot, you’ll need to hit a good second shot to also avoid water on the right side of the green. Par is a good score on this long par 4. 

Hole 15 Superstition Springs golf club

Hole 12: Par 3 – 205 yards

The 12th hole is a great par 3 that requires a long iron or hybrid for most golfers. The green is pretty narrow and hard to hold if you hit a lower trajectory shot. Avoid trying to play too aggressively to a right pin, as it’ll leave a tough chip if you short side yourself.

The best place to aim is the middle-left side of the green. Par is a good score on this challenging par 3. 

Hole 17: Par 5 – 597 yards 

The final par 5 is also the longest hole on the course and a three shot hole for 99% of players. The fairway is pretty wide and the approach shot is pretty straightforward if you can avoid the fairway bunkers.

The third shot is challenging if you’re on the left side of the fairway, as you can’t see much of the green. Try to position yourself from the right side to give yourself the best angle on this back to front sloped green. 

FAQs About Superstitions Springs Golf Club 

Do you have more questions about Superstition Springs golf club? If so, keep reading through the most frequently asked questions and answers now. 

Is Superstitions Springs a nice area? 

Yes, it’s a good area in Mesa with tons of shopping, restaurants, and golf nearby. 

Can you practice at Superstition Springs? 

Yes, whether you’re playing a round of golf or just practicing, they’re open to the public. 

Does Superstitions Springs have a men’s club?

No, all Arcis owned clubs do not offer men’s clubs (this includes courses like Raven, Grayhawk, and others). 

Overall Recommendation – 6/10 

The layout is there for a great golf course and I’ve seen it be one of the best public courses in the past. Unfortunately, management changes and water issues have led to the course not being in the best conditions. 

If they can figure out these issues, the layout of the course is a ton of fun. If you’re looking for a place to practice or want a good deal, it’s one of the best places to play golf in Mesa.

Make sure to check out these courses nearby as well.

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