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Encanto Golf Course Review – 3rd Oldest Track in AZ

Are you looking for a great deal in Phoenix? If so, it’s hard to beat Encanto golf course.

For a city owned course, it’s a solid place to play golf. Not to mention, it’s one of the cheapest golf courses to play in Arizona, making it a top choice for local year round.

In this Encanto golf course review, I’ll take you through the layout, best holes, and top questions to figure out if it’s worth your playing. 

Encanto Golf Course Review

  • Par 70
  • 6,548 yards 
  • Built in 1935
  • Located in Phoenix, AZ 
  • Owned by City of Phoenix 
  • Designed by William P. Bell
  • 3rd oldest golf course in Arizona
  • 18-Hole Championship Course + 9 Hole Executive Golf Course
Putting green at Encanto golf course

Encanto golf course has a flat layout that makes it one of the easiest tracks to walk in Arizona. It’s also an easier layout itself with minimal lips on the bunkers, flat fairways, and pretty easy greens. But there are some greens that you’ll need to look out for, as well as some challenging par 3s. 

At just over 6,500 from the tips it’s a shorter course but still has plenty of trees and out of bounds to deal with. You’ll get some fantastic views of downtown Phoenix throughout the round, too. Overall, it’s a friendly layout and can definitely help you gain some confidence with your game. 

Additionally, Encanto has a 9-hole course similar to Aguila (another city course I can’t recommend enough). This is a great place to work on your wedge game, it’s easy to walk, cheap, and awesome for beginners or junior golfers.

Practice Facility

Encanto has a decent practice facility with a large driving range that has both mats and grass. The mats are better than most city courses and they do have a grass teeing area, usually on weekends. It’s also pretty affordable for a bucket of range balls as well. 

Encanto has a good-sized putting green right next to the pro shop-restaurant where you can chip in as well. They have somewhat of a chipping green next to the putting green, but it’s not mowed like the putting surfaces on the course. Not to mention they don’t have a practice bunker either. 

Driving range at Encanto golf course

Course Overview + Conditions 

For being a city course, Encanto does a great job with their conditions. I’ve yet to play the course in the dead of summer, so I’m sure it struggles like 99% of courses in AZ, but it’s pure in winters. In December 2023 it was only $38 to play here (walking) and $53 if you want to ride.

For that kind of price, I was beyond impressed with the conditions. The fairways are very well maintained, the greens are very pure, and the rough is a good challenge too.

Noteworthy Holes on Encanto Golf Course 

Enacnato has some great holes with three par 5s and five par 3s not to mention a few drivable par 4s. Here are some of my favorite holes at Encanto Golf Course (18) and how to play them.  

Hole 1: Par 5 – 507 yards 

The first hole is a short par 5 that requires a good tee shot to give yourself a chance to hit on in two shots. You’ll need to thread the needle as water looms right, the driving range is left, and some well positioned trees.

If you hit a good shot, you can hit on or near the green in two shots. Both greenside bunkers have a small lip that are pretty easy to escape if you get in the sand. Hopefully you can make a birdie to get the day started right. 

Hole 5: Par 3 – 198 yards 

The 5th hole is one of the hardest holes on the course as it’s long with a very tough green complex. I don’t know if there is any easy putt on this green, but the back left pin is absolutely brutal. The front right pin isn’t very easy either.

The best place to miss is right or short of the green. Anything left in the bunker or short of it leaves a nearly impossible chip from a challenging lie. Par is a fantastic score on this hole. 

Hole 9: Par 4 – 435 yards 

The final hole on the front nine is a good test off the tee as there is out of bounds (houses) right and the driving range left. If you do find yourself left near the driving range, there is a local rule that allows a free drop as long as you’re not in the range.

The second shot requires a well struck iron to find the putting surface and avoid the two bunkers. The greens have a lot of back to front slope, so try to leave yourself below the hole for an easier putt. 

Sunset at Encanto gofl course

Hole 10: Par 4 – 305 yards 

The 10th hole is one you want to take advantage of as it’s only 300 yards from the tips. Try to get as close to the green as possible to give yourself an easy chip and hopefully a birdie.

The street does come into play if you slice the ball, so favor the left side. There are some trees on the left, but a lot of times you’ll have a clear path to the green for your short approach shot. 

Hole 12: Par 5 – 540 yards 

The 12th is only par 5 on the back nine and requires a good drive to even consider going for the green in two shots. The street/out of bounds looms right, while there is a pond left that isn’t easy to see off the tee. Not to mention some well positioned trees on the right side too.

If you can find this narrow fairway or have a good lie in the rough, try to get near the green in two shots. Anything left of the green is wide open with a pretty straight forward chip shot. Be careful with a front pin, as there is a lot more slope than you realize. 

Hole 14: Par 3 – 217 yards 

The final par 3 of the day is the longest and one of the most challenging. There is one bunker left and anything right or short is a good miss. Aiming for the middle of the green is never a bad idea and be careful of the tricky middle-back right pin. 

FAQs About Encanto Golf Course

Do you have more questions about Encanto golf course? If so, keep reading the most frequently asked questions and answers now. 

Does Encanto have a men’s league?

Yes, they do have a men’s league with a lot of events throughout the year. It’s a good place to join to get some regular competition and meet new people. 

Is Encanto a 9-hole golf course?

Encanto has both a 9-hole executive golf course and an 18-hole championship course. 

Does Encanto golf course have a driving range?

Yes, they have a public driving range to work on your game with both mats and grass hitting areas. They also have a large putting green as well. 

Is Encanto golf course cheap?

Yes, it’s one of the best deals in Arizona. It’s about $40 even in winter months and so flat that it’s easy to walk and can save on cart fees.

Overall Recommendation – 8.7/10 

Encanto is arguably the best deal when it comes to playing golf in Phoenix. Even in winter months, this course won’t break the bank and provide a good round.

It’s not only a good deal, but also very well maintained and isn’t overly difficult. Beginners and juniors (or anyone who wants wedge practice) can also take advantage of the executive golf course too. I like this golf course more than Papago and it’s about a quarter of the price.

If you’re looking for another great city course in Arizona, I’m a big fan of Aguila. It’s more of a challenge than Encanto, also has a nine hole executive course, and in great shape year round. Not to mention, it’s a fantastic deal.

Do you like playing Encanto golf course?

Let me know in the comments below. 

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