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Michael Leonard at Longbow Golf Course

Welcome to AZ Golf Wizard – the number one guide to all things Arizona golf. Whether you want to learn more about a specific course, join a country club, find an indoor golf facility, or learn about traveling to Arizona for a golf trip, this is the place for you. 

My name is Michael Leonard and I’m a bit obsessed with golf. After taking a bucket list golf trip to Pebble Beach in 2016 I fell back in love with the game and went all in on the sport… even quitting my corporate sales job at Yelp in 2017. 

Since then, I’ve been freelance writing (mostly about golf), playing in hundreds of amateur golf tournaments, and even went to Q-school in 2019. 

In 2022, I launched Wicked Smart Golf to help golfers learn how to play better without swing changes. 

Here is a bit of my background: 

  • Published two golf books.
  • Certified Mental Golf Type coach. 
  • Top 25-ranked Arizona amateur (AGA) rankings. 
  • Played in more than 160 tournament golf days (including Q-school). 
  • Strong focus on helping golfers improve their mental game and course management skills.
  • Written more than 2 million words about golf including golf course reviews, product reviews, mental golf tips, instruction, and more. 

After playing the game for 25+ years at all levels I have a unique perspective on this crazy sport. In my first high school tournament I shot 124… four years later as a senior I shot 74 in the same event – a nice 50 shot improvement. 

Now, my mission is simple — help more golfers play better without swing changes. Learn more about my book, Wicked Smart Golf, to play better golf without changing your swing on Amazon now! 

Whether you’re a seasoned player seeking new challenges or a beginner looking to dive into the golf scene, our platform is designed to be your trusted companion on this exciting journey.

But I knew I had to start this brand to help golfers just like you navigate the massive Arizona golf landscape. 

Our Vision

At AZ Golf Wizard, we’re passionate about Arizona’s thriving golf culture. Our vision is to bring golf enthusiasts, both near and far, an unparalleled resource that captures the essence of golf in this sun-soaked paradise.

Our aim is to create a community that celebrates the sport in all its facets.

Find the Best Golf Courses in Arizona 

There are no shortages of golf courses in AZ – in fact it’s a little overwhelming at times! A recent study found there are more than 400 courses in the state.

My goal is to share the good, bad, and the ugly about some of these courses. From renowned championship courses to hidden gems tucked away in the valleys, we’ll present you with insights that allow you to navigate the golf landscape with confidence.

Insider Insights and Invaluable Tips

Our commitment goes beyond mere course listings and golf course review. We provide you with insider insights and invaluable tips that enhance your golfing experience.

Whether you’re seeking guidance on tackling desert golf, playing golf in the heat, club recommendations for specific terrains, or strategies to conquer challenging holes, AZ Golf Wizard is your go-to resource for refining your skills and maximizing your enjoyment on the greens.

Your Portal to Arizona’s Golfing World 

Whether you’re a local golfer looking to explore new courses, a visitor eager to make the most of your golf vacation, or simply someone curious about the magic of golf in Arizona, AZ Golf Wizard is here to guide you.

Through our in-depth course reviews, expert tips, captivating stories, and informative guides, we invite you to embark on a journey that promises excitement, challenge, and unforgettable moments.

Join the AZ Golf Wizard Community

We’re more than a website; we’re a community united by our love for golf and our fascination with Arizona’s golfing scene.

Join us in celebrating the sport, sharing your experiences, and connecting with fellow enthusiasts. Whether you’re a scratch golfer or just starting your journey, AZ Golf Wizard is where your golfing adventure begins.

Thank you for visiting AZ Golf Wizard. Make sure to visit our course reviews to find a great place to play. 

Michael Leonard
Founder, AZ Golf Wizard

Michael Leonard golf